Saying Good Bye To A Childhood Hero On This Day Dedicated To LOVE.

Since hearing the news of Whitney Houston's sudden passing on Saturday I have been too sad to write about it. Why? I've certainly never met her, she wasn't a sister or a friend in the true sense.  So why do we mourn for people we've never met?  I know my answer to that question.  People who are part of the entertainment industry sometimes spend more times in our homes then our extended family members.  I'm not going to jump on the gossip bandwagon.  I encourage you to choose kindness.  Death is never a joke.  She is someone's mother, daughter and friend and is loved and mourned by many.

My Memories:

The first time I heard Whitney Houston ~ I was 9 years old and someone brought a radio during a backyard camp out with some neighbourhood kids.  "How Will I Know" was being played every hour and I quickly fell in love with The VOICE.

I remember watching the Grammy's for a glimpse of Whitney.

I watched the music channel to see concerts and the weekly countdown that would certainly have one of her songs.

She hasn't been in the Top singles category in over a decade but my ipod carries her songs in my pocket.

An album collection from the 80's became a cassette collection, and is now a CD collection.  She has a permanent home in my stereo.

It's hard for me to pick one favourite song. When looking over her songs list, the common theme is LOVE.

How Will I Know (Merrill, Rubicam c.1985).
Greatest Love Of All (Masser, Creed c.1986).
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me). (Merrill, Rubicam c.1987).
I Will Always Love You (Parton c.1973) (1992).
If I Told You That (Jerkins, Jerkins, Daniels, Estes c.2000).
I Look To You (Kelly c.2009).

Here is one song, a duet she did with George Michael, that I was listening to just last week.  It came up on the playlist on my ipod and I got to hear the harmonies up close in my earbuds.  I found it on because I wanted to share it in my tribute.

I pray for the Houston/Brown family during this terrible time of loss. May God provide peace that passes all understanding and strength to cope with this loss.  And may the tabloid blabber-mouths stop for a minute to think about what they are saying about one of God's children.

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