30 Days of Gratitude ~ Day 9 {Inspirational}

I have struggled with being employable.  First it was a matter of being terribly inept and awkward in social settings. Since most jobs require proper social interaction and communication skills, I did not hold a stable job until after finishing college.  It seems strange for someone with selective mutism to enter the educational field, but it was the ultimate way to cross that HUGE communication hurdle.

The next big road block to being employable was the debilitating Post-Partum Depression that hung on for nearly 2 years after the birth of my first child.  I had to walk away from a full-time, permanent job at a time when jobs were scarce. You know there must have been something seriously wrong with me ~ choosing to give up a career that I was passionate about and that had saved me from slipping into my own silent world.
So, today...

I am grateful for the gift of being employed and employable.

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