30 Days of Gratitude ~ Day 23 "Me-Time At the Dentist"

This is not necessarily a moment of gratitude or a treasured memory, more a statement about life in general.
It's sad when booking a dentist appointment becomes a day out for me and one that I look forward too.  At least that's what the dental assistant said to me today.  I just had my second dental appointment in less than two weeks.  Since my hubby was laid off, we knew our health insurance would end. We've been trying to tie up any outstanding health issues before that happens.   I kind of laughed the comment off, but it bugged me. She's right in a way.  I work, go home, shop for necessities, and church is the only other event to break up the pattern.  I can think of worse things though ~ unemployment, no money to shop for food and clothes, and no church family to gather with on Sunday. ~ The fact that I'm making dental health a priority should be applauded- not made fun of.  I would like to keep my teeth for a lifetime and set a good example for my daughter.  I am grateful that the $500 in dental work was covered by insurance that we have paid into for 13 years.

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