Hand- Written Christmas Cards A Thing Of The Past?

Do you still write Christmas cards to send in the mail? Have you opted out of this tradition altogether?  I began writing Christmas cards at a young age, it was something I looked forward to and planned on every year.  I have friends and family scattered all over Canada and even the world.  Every year I notice that I am receiving fewer and fewer Christmas Cards.  I've wondered if people are just too busy, if they feel I don't appreciate the cards, or if the age of old-fashioned hand-written Christmas cards has passed.  Every January, I buy my cards for next Christmas and put them in a safe place.

When November rolls around I compile my list of names and contact the friends and family to confirm that their addresses have not changed.  Sometimes I do get a sense of guilt while writing the Cards. Why? Because there are people I never contact any other time of the year outside of the annual "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."  Mind you, I am sincere in my well wishes and spend time choosing the wording on my cards, and also personalizing each card.  This year as I pulled my crisp "new" cards out of my stationary box, I had a nagging thought "Maybe there are people that don't even want a card from me."   Sincere or not, if I haven't had any impact on your life throughout the year, maybe my Christmas card is a waste of paper.

I read an interesting take on this from Christine Buckner on CBC.ca/news.  In fact, I encourage you to read Buckner's full article:

Ho Ho Ho-ld the corporate Christmas cards, please.
OK, I may be the biggest Grinch on the planet.
But every year I’m enraged when I receive a fancy, heavy, gilt-edged Christmas card from my insurance agent. I think I met him once 20 years ago, so when he sends me seasons' greetings, I think to myself "I must be paying too much for insurance if this guy can afford to send these expensive cards to clients he barely knows."

If Christmas cards are a thing of the past, what does Christmas future look like?  About 5 years ago I received a few ecards from friends that normally mailed me a card every December.  A digital Christmas card just doesn't have the same personal touch that a handwritten, postage stamped card does.  Or am I old-fashioned? I know that it is "The thought that counts" but how am I supposed to hang an ecard from my tree or from my garland?  Yes, I used to receive 40+ cards every year, enough to make them into Christmas decorations around my home.  Is it time to catch up with the digital age and embrace the benefits of sending ecards?

Here are a few ecard benefits that I can think of:

Save the cost of Postage, and cards.
Can send them anytime, even Christmas Eve, and the receiver will still get it in time.
There are a lot of fun and animated designs.
No paper will be wasted.

Where do you stand on hand-written Christmas cards?  I really want to know if I am in the minority.  Is it time to abandon an old-fashioned, annual, postage stamped "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" greeting.

*This post is not sponsored or endorsed by any of the names/brands mentioned within. Opinions remain honest and my own. **Christmas Card image from resourcegraphics.com


RoryBore said...

I Love the Idea of hand-written Christmas cards....but with a huge extended family: on both sides, and 3 kids underfoot each day, it is one of those things that I have let go. It also costs a lot due to the sheer numbers in my family.
But I also noticed that while people might love receiving a card in the mail, they are usually in the trash just after New Years. It seems so wasteful to go through all that time and money; for something that is soon discarded.
E-cards aren't quite as personal, but they are less money and less waste.
Still, I prefer to just actually SEE those closest to me and give them a big Merry Christmas hug in person.

Mimi said...

I understand that completely~ and giving the gift of TIME is precious :)