Neccessity Is the Mother of Invention.

Do you pay attention to the google doodle's that frequently appear on the google search page?  I usually take a minute or two to click on the image and see what it is symbolizing that day.  Today's doodle really caught my interest.  I hovered over the image and got a small pop-up caption that told me it is Marie Curie's 144th Birthday.  After clicking on it I was lead to a google search about Mme. Marie Curie and I browsed about 4 of the links.  As I read about this Nobel Prize winning woman, I began to reflect on her influence in the scientific world, and how it transferred to medical advances that have made life better for many people.
Google Doodle Commemorates Marie Curie's 144th Birthday.

It has been many years since I had first learned about Mme. Curie and was quite inspired by her story today.  I found a book I want to check out too.  It's in the running for the National Book Award (USA) and is called- "Radioactive: A Tale Of Love And Fallout."  Written by Lauren Redniss, this non-fiction book recounts the story of Marie and Pierre Curie and how their lifetime of work was intertwined with love for each other and for new discoveries.
"All my life through, the new sights of Nature made me rejoice like a child." Marie Curie
A few interesting facts about Mme. Marie Sklodowska Curie:
  • Lived November 7, 1867 to July 4, 1934.
  • Was the only person to be bestowed with two Nobel Prizes in different sciences (Physics/1903 & Chemistry/1911).
  • Her work with Husband Pierre, led to discoveries and advances in the therapeutic use of radiation (radium).
Mme. Curie throughout her life actively promoted the use of radium to alleviate suffering and during World War I, assisted by her daughter, Irene, she personally devoted herself to this remedial work. She retained her enthusiasm for science throughout her life and did much to establish a radioactivity laboratory in her native city. Extracted from
  • Mme. Curie broke through boundaries by holding influential positions-the first woman to be Professor in the University of Paris.

I would like to know-Who inspires you? 

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