Blaze Of Glory: A Great Gift For The Teen Reader In Your Life.

My latest book review adventure for Our Family World, is for a book called Blaze of Glory. This fictional work is based on the main character, Tea, pronounced Tay-a.  Tea demonstrates a love for horses and a passion for horse jumping. Along with her twin Brother Seth, Tea teaches riding lessons and cares for the horses that are housed and cared for on their property. Tea is also a head-strong young lady, with a strict step-father.  Garzon brings the reader along for a ride as we see how Tea faces challenges head on.  Then along comes her handsome, and older, step-cousin Jaden. It certainly was interesting to see their relationship play out on the pages. The realities of Tea's coming of age, are something most young women can find mirrored in their own lives. More than once I felt as though Garzon had eavesdropped on my own teen years.

Blaze of Glory has multi-layered story lines, that co-mingle and weave around each other nicely.  I would recommend this book for the young adult female audience.  It was too young for me (I’m in my mid-thirties) but was a nice light read with enough plot complexity to keep you reading.  Consider adding this book to your Holiday gift list for the young woman in your life.

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More Details~

Title: Blaze of Glory
Author: M. Garzon
Genre: Young Adult, Fiction 
Publisher:, 2011
Where to Buy: (Paperback Suggested Price- $15.55 or Kindle e-book price $5.99).
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