World Food Week: Spotlight On #WFP. How $5 Can Change A Child's Dreams Into Reality.

What did you dream of being when you were a child?  For me it changed from week to week.  A teacher, a nurse, a chef,  a missionary, and a opera diva made my top 5 list.

Here's a closer look at another child with dreams who has benefited from WFP's Fill the Cup.  Meet Hendly- She lives in Haiti and this short video was shared by the World Food Program in a recent eNewsletter.

Doesn't she sound like a little girl that would live in the house down your street?  Or possibly be a grade 2 classmate for your own children?  What touched me the most about Hendly is how easily a smile comes to her face when she talks about the things she loves most in life.  Soup & stew, music, friends and family.  This child can teach even the grouchiest of in-grates a thing or too about happiness and gratitude. And yes, that applies to me.  I have had a rotten week for many reasons.  Opening my email this morning, and seeing this video brought me to tears of shame.

I was reminded once again that happiness and joy don't have to depend on how great your life is or how terribly things are messed up.  Happiness is a choice to make everyday, based on gratitude for what you have,  instead of a focus on what you lack.

Why do I support WFP? So children like Hendly can get on with being children and not have their joy stolen by hunger growling in her belly.


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