October Is A Month To Remember, Celebrate, And Give Thanks. #pinkribbon

With October comes the Autumn air, changing leaves, plans for Thanksgiving Holiday, and whispers of Christmas around the corner.  October is also a month to focus on breast cancer awareness.  I come from a family of STRONG women.  Both branches of my family tree are held firm by an army of women, as we out number the males by a ratio of 3:1.  Unfortunately, even the mighty can fall.  If breast cancer hasn't stolen anyone from you, then you can count yourself as one of the blessed few.  My cousin, only months older than me, left us ten years ago.  She had too little time to get treatment after her cancer was found.  We were all in shock and denial because she was in her mid twenties and the risks seemed so far away.  Too many of us have been affected by cancer either directly or indirectly.  This month I encourage you to remember, celebrate, and give thanks with me.

Remember Your Health.
Women tend to take care of themselves last. Whether you have children, or are childless. Are single, or married, we all tend put ourselves last. With our busy work schedules and friends and loved ones who need us, be vigilant of your health, risk factors, and take the time to have regular check-ups.  At one time I went 3 years without a pelvic exam or check up.  After having my daughter I realized that I wanted to be around to watch her grow up. So the annual gynecological exam is much more bearable knowing that early prevention could help me stay healthy.  Don't forget your monthly breast exams too.

Nan G and
Princess Destructo
Celebrate Those Who Have Gone Before.
Keeping tabs on my health can help me join the legacy of women who have blazed before me.  I was blessed to have had a close relationship with my paternal grandmother, Nanny R. She fought a good fight through cervical cancer in the late 80's but stomach cancer took her from us 8 years ago. On the flip side, my maternal grandmother Nan G, has survived breast cancer and loves to be surrounded by her family, including great-great grandchildren.  My Nanny R. is close to my heart even now as I remember her and celebrate her life in this special month.  If your loved one has survived, then you have even more reasons to celebrate.  Near Mother's Day I did a short post about the TELL HER MOVEMENT .  Visit FacingCancer.ca to add your own name or your loved ones name to the wall of support.

Nanny R
from a 1990's
I Give Thanks.

  • for the 91 years of guidance and love given to us by Nan G. For passing on her love of books. And that she has survived Breast Cancer from 15 years ago . 
  • for the 70 years my Nanny R. spent on her knees praying for her family, for teaching me to make bread, and instilling an unshakable FAITH deep within my heart.
  • for each year my check-ups find nothing abnormal and send me off with a clean bill of health.
  • for the dawn of each new day I have with my daughter. 

Find Empowerment, Get Support, Donate:

"We are a national, community-based organization of volunteers, whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer."
"Facing Cancer Together is designed to offer support with cancer, provide a cancer information network and cancer support resources and tools to help women—and those who care about them—manage the social and emotional effects of cancer.
The Facing Cancer Together website provides a online support group for cancer patients where women, and all those connected to them, can find support with cancer and camaraderie with others on the same journey. Shoppers Drug Mart is the title sponsor of this important first initiative of the Facing Cancer Together program."
"Launched in 1992 by a charitable foundation of the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CCTFA), Look Good Feel Better is Canada’s only cancer charity dedicated to empowering women to manage the effects that cancer and its treatment have on their appearance, and often on their morale. Over 100,000 women have been helped through our workshop and services."
Pink Ribbon International.
"The 5 A's-
Awareness - public awareness and acceptance of breast cancer related issues (examining, education, research)
Alignment - global alignment of local, national and international breast cancer initiatives
Advocacy - advocating for funding Public, Government, Health Care Institutions and Industry
Accreditation - procedure for using the official ribbon, preventing hoaxes and abuse
Alliances - partnering with Public, Government, Health Care Institutions and Industry without losing independence."

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