Satisfaction = Decluttering. #WW

This is my idea of satisfaction...Princess Destructo woke me up at 5 AM today then proceeded to lay down on the couch and snooze for another 2 hours. I took the opportunity to purge her tiny closet which was bursting at the seams with clothes that she had long since out-grown.  I've attempted this job twice in the last 6 months but was frustrated with the constant interruption and my toddlers' attempts at 'helping'.  In 2 hours I filled 8 diaper cases and 2 bags with clothes and shoes to pass along to a donation center. This doesn't even include the other box full of neutral/newborn clothing plus bags of baby toys, high chair and bassinet to pass on too.  Now the only task left is to convert the crib to a toddler bed, and bribe my husband to haul the stuff to it's newly designated home.

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It's not good to have a messy house. Decluttering help you make everything back in order.