We All Know That Mommy's Don't Get A Sick Day.

My Mothering Monday series was a bust, due to Summer colds affecting everyone in the family.  But we all know that mommy's don't get a sick day.  I mustered up the energy to make some Pantry Chicken Soup yesterday.  We were getting sick of crackers, toast, and grilled cheese sandwiches.  I don't remember ever having a Summer cold, and know why it really is the worst time to be sick.  The Sun is out and you feel like you are missing out on precious Summer fun.  Hay fever and other allergies are still in full swing, and then you add body aches etc, to the mix.  The humidity gives me terrible headaches on a normal day, but add sinus congestion to that and you have one monster pain that is hard to attack.  Air Conditioning seems to make us cough more, so we are waking each other up with the same nagging cough.  Add all these icky ingredients together with ten days of Summer colds, and you have a very tired and grumpy family.  What happens when Mommy gets sick too?

Yeah, I know being sick isn't relaxing in any way.  I am referring more to my conscious effort to not freak out about the growing piles of laundry, stacks of dishes, and various clutter.

Accept Help.
If there are friends or family members available to help with housework, or even just bring you something to eat, LET THEM.

Hygiene & Etiquette.
Please cough & sneeze into Kleenex, and practise frequent hand washing! Teach them cold etiquette while they are young, it's just as important as teaching please and thank you.  I have hand-sanitizer in my purse and Princess Destructo's diaper bag for when we are away from sinks.  FYI-I think hand sanitizers are safe for toddler's when used under direct supervision, and when kept out of reach until next time it is needed. Where do you stand on the sanitizer issue?
More alcohol-based hand sanitizer facts:
Live Strong-Hand Sanitzers And Children  &
Maryland Poison Control- The Facts About Hand Sanitizers.
Eat, Drink & Be Merry.
Even when your appetite is diminished, (which is a rare and welcomed thing for me) we need to stay nourished and hydrated.  The only good thing about a summer cold?  Summer is the time for stocking up on fruit popsicles, sorbets, and fresh fruits.  We were fortunate enough to have a full watermelon in the fridge when the 3 of us woke up last week with cold symptoms.  It is nearly gone now, helping soothe our sore throats, and qualified as a super way to help stay hydrated too.  I don't even like melon, but I couldn't taste it so ate it anyway.

Go On A Germ Attack.
I try to keep germs under wraps on a regular day but nothing can prevent every sickness from invading. Now that we are coming out of the worst of the symptoms, I am disinfecting toys, door handles, phones, and other high traffic areas + shared items.
More tips on how to prepare for the next cold season.
Fighting Cold and Flu Season.
It is time for me to walk away from the computer, and try to "rest" in between chasing a toddler. Disinfect Tip: Unplug the keyboard, put alcohol-based hand sanitizer on a paper towel, and rub it over the keys.  Hasn't killed it yet...So what do you do to battle the colds, flu's, and other illnesses that invade your home?  Are you a germ-warrior too?

Credit: Chicken Soup image.

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