Wordless Wednesday- We're Going To The Zoo Zoo Zoo! How About You, You, You?

Riverview Park & Zoo- Peterborough, Ontario
Doesn't he look like he's smiling at us?  I used to live in Peterborough and still visit this Park frequently.  Admission is FREE and you'll find playground equipment, a small selection of animal exhibits, a splash park, concessions, and many picnic areas.  Actually my hubby proposed to me there on September 3, 1998.  No, not in front of the camel enclosure, on the walking trail right on the river.


RoryBore said...

My kids love the Zoo. And I have to admit, I never get tired of taking them. I mean, it is completey tiring, utteringly exhausting actually to lug 3 kids around a huge zoo.....but I never lose interest in seeing the animals, etc. I love that they also have this love for wildlife and nature.
We go to Toronto Metro Zoo...it's huge!! And best of all....splash pad because it is always sweltering hot when we go. We let them splash around at the end of the tours, pile them in the car, and head home.

Amy said...

We go to the TO Metro too, that is our second favourite zoo. And it's definitely bigger than Riverview Park Zoo.

We were exhausted enough from our 2 hour trip to PTBO. And my girl had a mammoth tantrum when it was time to go. My arm still has the bruises a week later.