Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Campsite

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This picture represents our last camping trip that was met with one disaster after another. The four day trip began with an argument about why I HAD to have the Canadian themed chair even though it was $8 more than the green & black one...and ended with me laying under the car trying to tie the trunk shut for our 3 hour drive home!  Girl knot-tying power rules!  Of course our trunk latch had chosen to quit in a remote location on a holiday weekend.  In spite of some miserable memories made that weekend, I miss camping and hope we can get back into it again.  We will absolutely need to upgrade to a bigger tent now that we have Princess Destructo.


Pampered Patty said...

LOl I love your chair! It rocks! I have never been to Sandbanks but have wanted to take the kids there for years. Girl tying knot power does rule but only if we can get the knots out too!!

take care

Anonymous said...

camping is great even when things go wrong or it pours rain - you just have to plan for it (bring lots of games and snacks - children stay happier when they're busy and well fed... and a tarp doesn't hurt either) Wishing I was camping! - Monica

Amy said...

Patty, I did a strawberry dessert for my Thursday post. Yours is much prettier though :) Picton Sandbanks is worth the drive, and I hope to return, maybe next year. We got terribly lost finding it, and hope to have a GPS, a bigger tent, and newer car for the next camping trip.

Monica, you are a camping super-star! Didn't it rain for an entire camping trip and you stayed anyway? I would have packed up and gone home.