Friendship Friday: Sponsor a Child Change the Future

What was one of  the first things my hubby and I did after we got married and somewhat settled in to our new life?  We decided that we wanted to become Sponsor Parents.  It was a big decision for us 12 years ago, and there have been times when we sacrificed our own necessities to keep our commitment.  We wrote letters and sent pictures to Thong* who lived in a rural farming village in Thailand with his elderly grandmother.  He responded with letters, artwork, and school photos that showed how much he was growing.  Thong* asked if he could call us Mother and Father, and was our child for 10 years until he graduated out of the program at age 18 yrs. I often wonder what he is doing now.  Two years ago we received the name and photo of a new child from the same region and have been developing a relationship with him.  We had our own reasons for making the steps toward being Sponsor Parents.  It may be one of the best decisions we ever made together, and has never been regretted for one moment.  *Child's name was changed for privacy.

Make sponsorship a family decision.  Discuss the reasons why you would like to become Sponsors.  Guilt from watching the sad appeals on a commercial is NOT a good enough reason.  As a family we have remained committed to helping our sponsor children in spite of job loss (actually 3 job losses), a growing family, and any other financial stresses that can pop up in life.  Is this something your family can commit to? If the answer is NO, a one time donation may be more appropriate for you.

Research sponsorship programs & organizations.  There are quite a few organizations that are good hosts for sponsorship programs.  We considered factors like administration costs, and reliability.  Does the organization have a good reputation?  Does most of your donation go towards helping your sponsor child?

Choose an organization.
We chose ChildCARE Plus which is a program hosted by ERDO.  There was a lot of information available to get the answers to our questions.  We contacted the 1-800 number, they gave us the option of choosing the country, and gender of a child to help.  That was 12 years ago, now I rely on the internet for most of my research.
When you become a child sponsor you become a very special friend to a child in need, caring for them in a unique way.  Through ChildCARE Plus (CCP) representatives who live in your child's community, you have a direct hand in your child's life. These dedicated and caring workers know your sponsored child and their family. They understand their unique challenge and as you send your child monthly support they will act on your behalf, identifying what your child needs - whether it is school supplies, nutritious food, clothes, shoes or medical care. They make sure your gifts are used to meet real needs, giving your child the opportunity to be all God has planned. By sponsoring a child through ChildCARE Plus, you become part of that child's future.
Become a Sponsor today and discover how through just $34 a month you can change a child's life...
Direct quote taken from ERDO site June 3, 2011
For more information on Sponsorship and donations to aid children:

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**This post was not sponsored or endorsed by ERDO or any other organization mentioned within.  It is a true and honest account of my own personal experience as a Sponsor Parent.

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