Something Smells Wicked: A Tale of Traveling with an Infant

**I pulled this one from the archives and added some pics.  Today I am running around like a crazy woman trying to pack for our family vacation.  This is an original post from August 2010, inspired by the first airplane trip with my daughter who was 10 months old at the time.  I wonder what being almost a year older will mean for sweet girl on this trip.  I'm sure we'll have fun, but here's hoping the plane ride is uneventful...

We had fun in NL.

A cuddly reunion with daddy after 3 weeks.
Adventures in Parenthood Part 2

I’ve been making this same pilgrimage annually for nearly twenty years and had it down to a fine art…until it was time to bring my ten month old daughter along for the ride. Yes, I know I’m not the first person to travel alone with a baby. And I certainly am not the first mom who wanted to pull their hair out while their child screams during most of a three hour flight. It is bad enough to sit in a cramped seat, with two strangers squeezed into the seats on either side of you. Now these strangers are peeved at the ear blasting screams from an over-tired, teething, Baby that wants to be anywhere else but in this tin can with wings and wheels. As I met the stares of some of my fellow passengers, I felt guilty and a little embarrassed…until I remembered that I used to be the stranger squeezed into the tight space next to a mom traveling alone with a squalling infant. How life turns full-circle. I have visions of all the patience and empathy I will have for my fellow traveling parents. And finally my tired baby closes her eyes and drifts toward sleep. Her cries are silenced by drowsiness. Then my reverie is jolted into reality as a faint aroma of #2 fills the air.

By superstar1975
a.k.a. Amy Dell, author of weekly blog “Grace and Me”


RoryBore said...

Oh my...been there! We flew to Florida when my son was 7 months old. my Dh was on one side, a stranger on the other....wailing baby in my lap. course he was starving after waiting to be fed through all the various airline security procedures. But stranger got even more ansy when the "boob" appeared. I told him, you can listen to him scream, or you can see my boob briefly....your choice! Happy to report baby nursed through take off, fell asleep and woke up on landing, nursed again. So us, and stranger actually had a pretty good flight. The next trip, it was pumping milk while Dh drove down highway to Thunder Bay, while the truckers drove by giving thumbs up. LOL Ah, the adventures of travelling with babes.

Amy said...

It's alwasy an adventure to travel with children :) I am greatful to be traveling with my hubby this time. And we are hoping that our late night flight will help us all sleep during the 3 hours. LOL

Anonymous said...

Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

Amy said...

Dear Anonymous: Thank you for wanting to share some fan love. No GRACE and Me F-book page in the works yet...I am a busy lady trying to get my blogs off the ground first. Two blogs, one destructive toddler, a tired husband, and lazy cat, plus a job that keeps me busy in evening and weekends. Kinda enough going on right this moment. My personal f-book page is listed under Amy Russell Dell.