Mothering Monday- Canadian Red Cross Benefits From Gift

The winner of my gift-away that ended 04/27/11 was Gingermommy from Tales of a Ranting Ginger. She chose the Canadian Red Cross as the charity that would benefit from the $25 donation. Donating in tribute to someone else was a very easy and pleasant process thanks to the kind people at Canadian Red Cross.  The phone call took a few minutes, and the CSR was very friendly and knowledgeable.  So I want to wish Gingermommy a Happy Mother's Day and congratulate the Canadian Red Cross for being the recipient of her Tribute gift.

To begin with, my wanting to host a unique giveaway was inspired by the North York Harvest Food Bank initiative "Give food instead of flowers this Mother's Day."  Last month I posted an article expressing how touched I was by this sentiment.  See Awareness Wednesday - Food Instead of Flowers for more background information.  My heart is rooted in philanthropy.  And that is not meant to sound boastful.  In honesty, I hardly ever have money to donate to causes even though the needs may break my heart.  Eventually I learned that money isn't the only solution to meeting needs.  I can use my time and energy to draw attention to causes.  And help create dialogue about the issues that keep me awake at night.  These personal gifts don't cost anything. I have set out to encourage people that giving your time, and talents is just as precious as giving your treasure (a.k.a moula).

I was nervous to host my first giveaway. I felt so strongly that it was the right thing to do anyway. In my mind I was thinking that it would be a Mother's Day Gift to one of my followers, but the comments and entries were open to anyone with Canadian Addresses. I truly wanted to honour someone in my 'community', whether a new friend or an old one. And hoped that my sincerity would speak for itself. There weren't a lot of entries, but I'm not bummed about it. It was a worthwhile way to cut my teeth in the world of blogging while hosting great discussions. The giveaway was a bonus and the benefits will carry forward...

Did you know? The Canadian Red Cross offers a variety of services.  They are always ready to help: they offer First Aid/CPR training, promote swimming skills and water safety, help family members re-connect after a disaster, provide shelter and necessities after a disaster whether local or international, and much more.

Disaster management
Following a disaster, the Red Cross works with governments and other humanitarian organizations to provide for people's basic needs including shelter, family reunification, assistance finding support, first aid, information, food and clothing.

Donate Now
The Canadian Red Cross collects funds to meet the immediate relief and long-term recovery needs of disaster survivors. Should donations supporting a specific Red Cross disaster relief and recovery effort meet the amount required, the Canadian Red Cross will cease collecting donations for the response and will communicate this information immediately to the public.
Information directly quoted from

Charity Registration Number: 119219814RR0001


ModernMom said...

Looks like you did a great job!!

Here is some good news for you:) You won my Dare Bear Paws giveaway.
Please drop me a line at modernmom at rocketmail dot com with your mailing address so I can get your prize sent out to you!

Gingermommy said...

Thank you :) I was very happy when I saw your giveaway. It would be great if more people hosted giveaways for charity.

Did you know Canada said...

Great post and fantastic giveaway.

Following you on GFC now from the Canadian Blog Hop!

GraceandMe said...

Thanks for the encouragement, and thanks for visiting. I think I finally fixed the wonky text formating :)