Friendship Friday: Pay It Backwards

Apparently this is Friday the 13th. Big deal…other than the fact that Blogger has been #failwhale all morning it’s just another day in the Dell home:

  • Dishwasher whirring with yesterday’s dishes, today’s dishes already piling up in the sink,
  • A tired baby that got up way too early,
  • A tired mommy needs coffee because it’s her “day off” & there is too much to do,
  • A tired daddy is off to do data entry “work that a monkey could do” (his words not mine),
  • 4 loads of laundry done and put away,
  • Floors have been swept but I can’t mop until Princess Destructo goes down for a nap,
  • Started my packing list for vacation (next Tuesday we are going away for 2 weeks),
  • Insert various meals, meal clean-up, and repeat…
Really, do I need to bore your with the rest of the list? You get the picture…

By the time I get to the end of the week I am world-weary and tired! So when Friday rolls around I search for a pick-me-up or encouraging words to post. Friendship Friday is my attempt to get outside of my own head and think of others for a change. Being a friend to someone is one of the best ways to shake off the dregs and boost your morale. In turn you will giving them a boost too.  You've heard of paying it forward, but this is how you can change someone's day by paying it backwards:
This morning I dropped my car off to be fixed, and the fantastic Pastor Jordan /picked me up. On the way to the church we stopped at Tim’s for tea and bagel. As we pulled up, someone in front of us had already paid for OURS!! We were amazed and said thanks and just about drove off, at which point we said to each other, ‘let’s pay for the person behind us, start something, we were going to pay anyhow’. Not sure how far it went on, but could you imagine that for hundreds of cars, we weren’t thinking about ourselves, but kept paying it forward... Be different. Go outside the box. Who and how have you blessed someone today! You are the light of the world, salt of the earth!
Quote is an excerpt from a group e-mail sent by Pastor John on May 12, 2011.
So the next time you are having a crummy day and in a hurry in your favourite drive-thru, pay the coffee order for the person behind you.  The curiosity of wondering what their reaction will be, should be enough to distract you out of the ho-hums.
Laugh for the day: Don't tease your friends.


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bluecottonmemory said...

It is always wonderful when others do nice things for us - and just as wonderful when we can do it for others!

BTW - I keep trying to STOP doing laundry but the boys won't let me! LOL

fiona said...

Hi! Cool post as always- can you move the share button to being directly under the blog- had to hunt for it- and most people wouldn't. Love the pay it backwards- we paid the next few tolls before- and we enjoyed it for days- great buzz!

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Thanks for all the comments friends. Fiona are you referring to Facebook or twitter share? I have those arranged mid-page so they are near the end of the post when reading from the post page(not homepage). Still playing with lay-out though, thanks for the feedback.