Creating a Blog Button x2

Hmm, not very tech-minded, but pardon me as I hack some codes while flipping back and forth to a tutorial.  I am hoping the outcome will be two customized buttons that I get to use for FREE.

Yippee, took me an hour to do 2 buttons. That included the time it took to upload and customize my pics to picnik, then add the pics to this new post, hack the codes using four different tutorials, and voila! Two purdy buttons made by me for FREE!

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RoryBore said...

So hard when you aren't computer savvy isn't it. see all these fab blogs with fab designs....but you have no clue how to do it. But congrats - looks good.
I just did a complete blog makeover - was up past midnight several nights. But I am thrilled that I made my own custom header too. (there's a link in the post on my blog).
Now I need to add another page to my blog for all the great buttons out there! LOL

ModernMom said...

You did a great job!! That kind of stuff frustrates me to no end:)

GraceandMe said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I found the first one really hard, but breezed through the second. The hardest part for me is always picking one design and moving forward. I like so many things that is is hard to commit to one. This is my 4 blog in 1 year (switched hosts twice, gave this page 2 full makeovers in a month). You would think I had a lot of time on my hands or something :)

Apes said...

WOW, Aims! They look great! :) I hear you on liking too many things and not being able to commit to one! :S Story of my life! :)