This Friday is Good X2

Good Friday and Earth Day happen to coincide this year.  I was trying to think of ways to recognize these special days and still honour the importance and significance of both.  As I started to make a list I realized that I had a lot of things I wanted to do in a jam packed three day period.  Realistically it's not going to fit into one long weekend, I do need to work and maintain a home too!  Some of my activities may not fall on the actual DAY, but really.  If the EARTH is worth cleaning and saving, does it have to be restricted to one day of awareness? Same goes for Easter observances.  If the JOY of Easter is in my heart all year long, then I am allowed to stretch things out a bit. I am a busy lady, here is what my weekend list looks like so far...

This is 2011 PITCH-IN CANADA Week, April 18-24, 2011. On Thursday April 21, my church is involved in the national clean up event called PITCH IN.  This happens annually- volunteers pick a park, ravine, road side or other forgotten part of their town, to clean it up.

I am going to attempt to make Earth Day Cupcakes from a recipe I saw on the KIBOOMU site.  They also had a yummy looking Earth Day Veggies and Dip Recipe too.

Our Good Friday service has been combined with another church in town, we are all heading over to THE EMBASSY at 10 A.M.  For EASTER SUNDAY CELEBRATIONS we return to our own TRINITY CHURCH on April 24.

Food bank and Goodwill Donations need to be carried and dispersed to proper locations, thanks to two weeks of Spring Cleaning and a little extra grocery shopping.

I am supposed to be decorating pretty baskets of goodies for a Fundraiser next week.

Add to the mix, family gatherings, two shifts at work, boring housework, and chores.  Best of all, Hubby and me have still managed to book a few hours away to watch a movie and have lunch ALONE. *wink wink and many thank yous to Auntie Cindy*

Last but not least I will be adding to my celebrations with a buy-one-get-one-free lunch coupon, and my free movie pass coupons.  Not on par with the families on TLC's EXTREME COUPONING, but still cash in pocket for this family on a tight budget.  BTW, some of these women are my heroes.  Just sayin'...

Need a bit of JOY today? I hope you all find something to celebrate this holiday weekend! 



Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter! I found your blog through a friend's blog. By the way, with all of that to do, look at the will not be bored. Hehe.