Meet "Sh-art" the Cart and His Brother "Grocery"

A few months ago Aunt "Cinny" bought a plastic shopping cart for sweet girl.  I hid it in the storage closet because Christmas had blessed that little girl with too much to fit in her small room.  Three weeks ago I was tidying up the guest room and pulled everything out of the closet, including the shopping cart...Oh that little girl moved so quick it was like greased lightening (And yes, that is a shameless reference to the movie GREASE.  Is that movie too old for you Apes? *wink wink*)
I might owe an apology for the carts name, but wee one has trouble with saying the hard "C" sounds.  As you can see, some part of sweet girl has to be touching "Sh-art" throughout most of her waking day.  The only place we don't drag that cart is into her crib.  I use the word WE on purpose.  Who gets to carry or push the cart when we are at the store and sweet girl is tired?  ME and daddy.  That cart has been to the store, on car trips, visits to friends homes, doing wheelies in the park, and to the laundromat.  It is starting to look a little beat up already, which makes me think it is time for an upgrade to the Melissa & Doug Grocery Cart.  I recently learned about this product while reading a review on the Mommy Moment site.

I am familiar with Melissa & Doug products and have purchased many different items over the years.  As a Preschool teacher I was always searching for quality toys that were durable, affordable, and still developmentally appropriate.  Melissa & Doug products fit the bill everytime, and also offer the fun factor. Yes, fun for the teachers too!

My top three picks:

Play Food Sets- Pizza Party and Birthday Party were favourites in my classroom.  I found that all the Food Sets encouraged imaginative play, and math skills, while teaching social skills like turn-taking and sharing.

Puzzles- We stocked up on Wooden puzzles with Farm Animals.  The ones that come with pegs were perfect for even the youngest children to grasp.  Children were practising eye-hand coordination and labeling as they learned about the animals.

Classic Children's Toys- Wooden Toy sets like the Take-Along Tool Kit, or Standard blocksare perfect for encouraging construction skills.  Children learned how objects balance as they stacked the blocks. Threading the wooden bolts also exercised fine-motor skills.

There are many, many more toys to mention and they all have their merits.  I encourage you to check out the site for yourself, you won't be disappointed.  So with such a positive history of playing with Melissa & Doug toys, I think it is time to replace plastic "Sh-art" with their realistic Grocery Cart.  I also have my eye on the ride on suitcase Trunki Purple and Saddlebag for an upcoming family trip.  I may even get one for my sweet girl too, hahaha.

*Grocery Cart Image borrowed from
**This post was inspired by a Mommy Moment Review, but not sponsored by Mommy Moment or Melissa & Doug.  It is a genuine, honest account of using Melissa & Doug products in a professional childcare setting.


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New follower here. That pic is so cute! I think that the "forgotten" things usually turn out to the best things :)


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