I Linked Up With the Canadian Blog Hop! Closed Midnight April 25

Hosts are:  Tales of a Ranting Ginger, The Knit Wit by Shair, and featured guest Multi-Testing Mommy 


1. Canadians Only! (Sorry American friends, we wanted to give the Canadians some love for this one.)

2. Follow the Co-hosts, and leave a comment so we will follow you back!

3. Follow the Featured Blogger, and leave a comment so they can follow you back!
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productjunkiemama said...

Congrats on receiving the Versatile Blogger Award! Please check my post for more info! Congrats again!


Congrats again!

Shairbearg said...

Thanks for posting! I am a new follower!

mrs.shopper said...

A new gfc follower from the C. hop. Keep up the good blogging work. You can visit me at http://simplyshopandsave.ca

Johanna said...

Glad you came by and visited, and Thanks for the follow. i'm now following you back.

RoryBore said...

Hi there...still laughing from your cell phone stand-off post! I can do better...I didn't even know you could pick a tune when I first got one. I thought it would just ring like a telephone - duh. So here mine is sounding off this annoying typewriter like rat-a-tat...and I don't even know it's my phone at all. Needless to say, in the last couple of months I have learned quite a bit and now proudly emit sounds from Glee whenever someone calls me. Happy to have found you - following you now too!