Awareness Wednesday- "Food Instead of Flowers"

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Happy Volunteer Week!

"Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're
priceless." Tweeted by @SandraBlogs on April 7, 2011

April is a busy and special month for me. First of all, it marks the one year anniversary of my first blog GRACE & ME. By re-launching it in a new home, this is my third attempt to find a host that is a good fit for me. I think I may have finally found it. Secondly, Hubby and me will celebrate our 12th Wedding Anniversary on April 30. Third, Easter Week observances are starting this weekend, beginning with Palm Sunday. As I celebrate special holidays with my family, I often think of those families that don't have the means to feed themselves adequately on a day to day basis. I was really moved when I became aware of the North York Harvest Food Bank promotional initiative to give "Food Instead of Flowers This Mother's Day". This slogan was tweeted and re-tweeted recently as it struck a chord amongst followers in the twitter community. The sentiment reminds me why I give food donations to my local food bank. How sad it must be for a mother (or father) to know they don't have enough food to give their children.  So as another time of celebration is upon my family, I go through our cupboards and set aside food to donate, also adding a few extra items to our shopping list.  It is certainly not my intention to lay guilt trips, guilt is rarely a good motivation to do anything.  Goodness knows most of us carry around enough mis-placed guilt like a saddle.  These are the kind of issues that keep me awake at night and what I sincerely wanted to share with you on Awareness Wednesday.  There are days that I grumble about what I don't have, until I meet someone who has less, yet chooses HAPPINESS.  I just have to flip back to last months' post about N. Krishnan and remind myself of his mission of mercy and grace.

*images may seem graphic to some viewers, originally aired on CNN Heroes Tribute 2011 /February 2011.


Maple Leaf Mommy said...

Lovely post. I love that Twitter quote at the beginning. Perfectly worded! I did not consider this a guilt trip, merely a timely reminder that I should be going through my kitchen cupboards again. I hope you enjoy this season of special events with your family.

I hope you will find Blogger to be a good fit for you. For me it's the perfect plat form, as it's easy to tweak if you're vaguely proficient with HTML.

GraceandMe said...

MLM; Thanks for the visit to my new site, and the encouragement. Blogger has been easier to tweek so far, and I'm never quite done re-adjusting. I have a lot to learn.